Vetom 1.23 - drops of 10 ml

Vetom 1.23 - drops of 10 ml

Vetom 1.23 - drops of 10 ml


Producer: ООО НПФ «Исследовательский центр»

Information in Russian language:

Corn extract fermented with bacteria of recombinant Bacillus subtilis strain VKPM B-10641 (DSM 24613), sodium chloride, distilled water.
Vetom 1.23 is a liquid from light yellow to dark brown, with a specific odor. This may be an insoluble residue.
Available in glass or polymer bottles. Each vial is packed in a carton and is provided with instructions for use.
Scope of application
The biologically active substance Vetom 1.23 is used as an additional source of probiotic microorganisms for the regeneration of the human body.
The effect is manifested by the properties of Bacillus subtilis, which multiply predominantly in the colon, producing proteolytic, amylolytic, cellulolytic enzymes; bacitracin, suppressing the growth and development of pathogenic and opportunistic microflora; other biologically active substances. It helps the body with interferon. Because this process converts the intestinal microbial environment to the corresponding evolutionary current standard, the intestinal walls are cleansed of indigestible food residues, promoting active toxin removal from the body, a steady supply of biologically active substances and nutrients. Under the influence of Vetom 1,23, digestion, absorption and metabolism of iron, calcium, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, triglycerides, amino acids, dipeptides, sugars, bile acid salts, acidity of the medium in the gastrointestinal tract are normalized. Application of Vetom 1.23 helps the human body to maintain health.


Vetom 1.23 is given orally.

The multiplicity of Veto 1.23 intake is directly dependent on the condition of the human body.

For dosage see If you are taking drops, one capsule is equivalent to 4 drops
Vetom 1.23 is not addictive.

Not recommended in case of individual intolerance to the ingredients.
Interaction with other products
Vetom 1,23 increases the effectiveness of the products and reduces their negative side effects on the human body.
Vetom 1,23 should not be taken orally with antibiotics and other medicines based on probiotic microorganisms.
It is permissible to use Vetom 1.23 with antibiotics in a variety of ways and methods of administration. For example: antibiotic - in the form of injection and Vetom 1,23 - orally.
Storage conditions
Store at (0-10) ° С. Transport and temporary storage at 10 ° C to 30 ° C inclusive for 18 days is allowed.
After opening the vial, the product should be stored for a maximum of 1 week at 0 to 10 ° C.
Shelf life - 2 years from production date.
This is not a cure.

Vetom 1.23, Vetom 2.25, Vetom 2.26, Vetom 3.22, Vetom 4.24 are essentially the same. As an active ingredient, they use different microorganisms that act in different parts of the intestine and produce a different spectrum of biologically active substances into the environment. In this respect, the ultimate impact on the human body is different. For maximum effect, positive effect, it is necessary to apply all Vetomas alternately for effective intestinal cleansing from pathogenic and opportunistic pathogenic flora.

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